List of Research Projects

  • Sajjad AminDesign and Analysis of an Attack Resistant Authentication Protocol
  • Zaka Ur RehmanTaxonomy of Cryptanalysis in Pakistan based on the experience of Allied Cryptanalysis efforts during World War-II
  • Talha MuhammadDesign and Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithm based on 256-bit key length or greater for Computer Communications
  • Syed Muhammad Junaid ShahDesign and Development of Key Distribution Protocol
  • Syed Tahir Hussain ShahEvaluation of Different Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms and Design of a New Data Encryption Algorithm
  • Majid AmeenStudy and implementation of “Encapsulation Security payload (ESP) in Tunnel Model”
  • Jamil Ahmed ZiaDesigning of software for Cryptographic analysis of CELP Compression technique
  • Amjid JavedDesign and Analysis of Stream ciphers based on clock controlled shift register sequences
  • Saadat HussainDesign and development of real random sequence generator for OTP class of cryptographic systems
  • Adnan Mazhar TipuDevelopment of SW based Encryption/Decryption crypt system based on a Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithm
  • Ajmal Saeed MianDevelopment of Key Management System for IP Sec protocols
  • Muhammad JunaidDesigning a Symmetric Cryptographic algorithm conforming the requirements of security simplicity and efficiency made by national institute of standards and technology (NIST)
  • Atiqur RehmanTechniques of Physical Side Channel Crypt Analysis
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, Analyzing encrypted speech
  • Mehreen AfzalAlgebraic Attack on A5-type Irregularly Clocked Key Stream Generator
  • Fauzia IdreesVolP Security: Analysis of VolP traffic and development of Generic Technique to detect VolP protocols
  • Waqas AhmedFactoring RSA Public Key (Integers) and the effect of using different Polynomial Selection methods on General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) algorithm
  • Attiya AkramA Secure Private Key Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks with Node Revocation and Sleep State Consideration: Implementation and Performance Evaluation against existing Schemes and Security Analysis against different Attacks
  • Muhammad AbdullahDetecting NULL Cipher Steganography in Plain Text Using Probabilistic Approach
  • Muhammad JunaidDeveloping a Framework for Comparative Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Muhammad AdnanNew Cryptographic Based Authentication Mechanism for Controlling E-mail Spamming
  • Shakil AhmadDevelopment of Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks using  Stream Ciphers
  • Zeeshan  BilalSecurity Analysis of Ultra-Lightweight Cryptographic Protocol: Gossamer Protocol
  • Madiha Haider SyedCryptanalysis of M-209 and Similar Pin-wheel Cipher Machines
  • Mujahid MohsinUse of Constrained Levenshtein Distance (CLD) in Cryptanalysis of Modern Clock- Controlled Structures
  • Asif KhanSmart Card Based Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Communication Networks
  • Farhan AhmadElliptic Curve Based Signcryption and Its Multi- recipient Schemes for Firewall Implementation
  • Reeda Iftikhar KianeeTweakable Enciphering Schemes
  • Imran Hafeez AbbasiA Compact And Area Efficient Sms4 S-Box For Masking
  • Ammara AliAlgebraic Cryptanalysis of Trivium and Grain Stream Ciphers Using Sat Solvers
  • Altaf Ur RehmanIdentification of VOIP traffic in Encrypted Tunnels
  • Saad IslamCube Attack
  • Amna SaeedSelf Healing Group Key Management
  • Irfan UllahSelective Region Image Encryption
  • Nasir MehmoodAlgebrraic cryptanalysis of feistel structure based light weight block ciphers
  • Khawar MehmoodSecurity Against Key recovery Attacks in Digital Rights Management Systems
  • Usman Ather SiddiqueEnhancement of Selective Encryption for H.264 / AVC
  • Muhammad Owais Ul HaqCube Testers Attack on Hash Function
  • Naveed Anjum SadiqAn enhanced Identity based two party authenticated KA protocol in multiple PKG environment 
  • Imran MakhdoomAuthenticated encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Muhammad Shahzad JanAttacks and Countermeasures of Hash Chain Based Password Authentication Schemes
  • Muhammad AminA Critical Analysis of Dual EC DRBG


Year 2011 – Year 2014

  • To be updated soon

Year 2010

  • Liaqat Ali Khan,  M. S. Baig,  Ali Hassan, Cryptanalysis of Stream Enciphered Speech Communication in a Keystream Reuse Situation, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering & Technology - Vol 29 (1)  pp 61-78, 2010
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, Farkhund Iqbal, M. S. Baig, Speaker Verification from Partially Encrypted Compressed Speech, Computer Security Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, EV7.628 Concordia University, 1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1M8 1742-2876 Volume 7 Pages 74-80, 2010 
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, M.S. Baig, M. Youssef, Speaker recognition from encrypted VoIP communications, Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Volume 7 Pages 65-73,  2010
  • Fahad Ahmed, Asif Masood, Faisal Bashir, A Publicly verifiable low cost signcryption scheme ensuting confidentiality, 2nd Intl Conference on Network Security, Wireless Communications and Trusted Computing (NSWCTS 2010) 24-25 April 2010 Wuhan China, 2010
  • Mujahid Mohsin, Muhammad Arif. Mehreen Afzal, Think Before Your LFSRs Jump 2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology June 29-July 01 , 2010 Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK, 2010
  • Muddassar Mushtaq, Mehreen Afzal, Muhammad Arif Wahla, A New and Efficient Distance Bounding Protocol, 3rd International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Industrial Applications PACIIA  04-05 December, 2010, Wuhan, China, 2010
  • F. Ahmad, A. Masood, F. Kausar, An efficient multi recipient signcryption scheme offering non repudiation, 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology 2010 West Yorkshire, UK, 2010

Year 2009

  • Firdous Kausar, Ayesha Naureen, A Comparative Analysis of HC-128 and Rabbit Encryption Schemes for Pervasive Computing in WSN Environment, 3rd Intl Conf on Info Security & Assurance (IAWSN 09) 25-27 Jun 09 Seoul Korea, 2009
  • Rabia Latif, Mukhtar Ahmad, Hardware-Based Random Number Generation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WNSs), 3rd Intl Conf on Info Security & Assurance (IAWSN 09) 25-27 Jun 09 Seoul Korea, 2009
  • Shakil  Ahmad, M. Arif, Firdous Kausar, Authenticated Encryption in WSNs using eSTREAM ciphers, 3rd Intl Conf on Info Security & Assurance (IAWSN 09) 25-27 Jun 09 Seoul Korea, 2009
  • Zeeshan Bilal, Ashraf Masood, Firdous Kausar, Security Analysis of Ultra-lightweight Cryptographic Protocol for Low-cost RFID Tags: Gossamer Protocol, 12th Intl Conf on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiS-09) 19-21 Aug 09 Indianapolis, USA, 2009
  • M. Qasim Saeed, Ashraf Masood, Firdous Kausar, Securing ePassport system: A proposed Anti-Cloning and Anti-Skimming Protocol, 17th International Conference on Software, Telecommunications & Computer Networks, 2009. SoftCOM 2009.  24-26 Sep 2009 Hvar, Croatia, 2009

Year 2008

  • Rabia Sirhandi, Saeed Murtaza, Mehreen Afzal,  An extended Secret Sharing Scheme for Color Images with Fixed Pixed Expansion, Intl Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics  1751-9128, 2008
  • Firdous Kausar, Ashraf Masood, Sajid Hussain, An authenticated Key Management scheme for Hierarchical wireless sensor networks, Recent advances in communication system and electrical engineering 1876-1100 IV 85-98, 2008
  • Firdous Kausar, Sajid Hussain, Jong Hyun Park, Ashraf Masood, Scalable and Efficient Key Management for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks, The Journal of Supercomputing 0920-8542 (print) 1673-0484 (On line) 45 44-65, 2008
  • Uzma Aslam Khan, Fauzia Idrees, A Generic Technique for Voice over IP (VoIP) Traffic Detection, Intl Journal of Computer Science and Network Security 1738-7906 8/2 351 28, 2008
  • Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, Algebraic Cryptanalysis of a NLFSR Based Stream Cipher, 3rd IEEE Intl Conf on Info & Comm Tech From Theory to application ICTTA-08, 7-11 Apr 08 Omsyysf Palace Damascus, Syria, 2008
  • Ruma Tahir, Younis Javed, Ahmad Raza Cheema, Rabbit – MAC Lightweight Authenticated Encryption for Wireless Sensor Network, IEEE Intl Conf on Info and Automation  20-23 Jun 08 ZhangJiaJie City Hunan, China, 2008
  • Mehreen Afzal, Muhammad Ashraf, Experimental Results on Algebraic Analysis of Trivium and Tweaked Trivium, 4th Intl Conf on Global E-Security ICGES’2008 23-25 Jun 08 University of East London Docklands Campus , London, 2008
  • Mehreen Afzal, Muhammad Ashraf, Improved Results on Algebraic Cryptanalysis of A5/2, 4th Intl Conf on Global E-Security ICGES’2008 23-25 Jun 08 University of East London Docklands Campus , London, 2008
  • Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, Higher Order Non-linearity of Cryptographically Significant Boolean Functions and its Importance, Intl Cryptology workshop and conf 2008 9-12 Jun 08 Putra world trade centre Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 2008
  • Rabia Sirhandi, Saeed Murtaza, An Extended Secret sharing scheme for visual Authentication, Intl Cryptology Conf & Wksp – 08 9-12 Jul 08 PWTC Kuala Lumpur, 2008
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, M. Shamim Baig, A Server based ASR Approach to Automated Cryptanalysis of Two Time Pads in case of Speech, Intl conf on Info Security & Assurance (IAS08) 8-10 Sep 08 Naples, Italy, 2008

Year 2007

  • Monis Akhlaq, Integrated Mechanism for Routing & Key Exchange, WSEAS Transaction on Communication 1109-2742 6, 2007
  • Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, An Analysis of the Construction of Cryptographic Boolean Functions for Stream Ciphers, International Conference of Applied Computing, Salamanca, Spain, 2007
  • Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, Algebraic Attack on A5-type Irregularly Clocked Key Stream Generator, International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 07,Hong Kong, 2007
  • Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, A Review of Cryptanalytic Attacks on e-STREAM Submitted Stream Ciphers, International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 07,Hong Kong, 2007
  • Firdous Kausar, Ashraf Masood, An Analysis of Public Key Cryptography in Wireless Sensor Networks,  International Multi-Conference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 07,Hong Kong, 2007
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, M. Shamim Baig, M. Ashraf, Exploiting Silence for Cipher text only Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphered Digitized Voice, Intl Conf on Security & Management (SAM ’07) 25-28 Jun, 2007
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, Reconstructing a Class of Cipher Systems Used in wireless Digital Communication, Intl Conf on Electrical Engineering (ICEE), UET Lahore, 2007  
  • Liaqat Ali Khan, M Shamim Baig, Cryptanalysis of Key Reuse in Stream Ciphered Digitized Speech using HMM based ASR Techniques, Intl Association of Engrs (IAENG) 24-26 Oct 2007 San Francsico, USA, 2007

Year 2006

  • Mehreen Afzal, Firdous Kausar, Ashraf Masood, Comparative Analysis of the Structures of eSTREAM Submitted Stream Ciphers, IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies ICET, 2006